A sister wife, Why not?

Polyamory having a wife and then a sister wife. What are your thoughts on this? Why is it that my wife wants me to go through her misery with her? It seems selfish right? Then again she feels no empathy so it’s difficult to understand what someone else is going through. So, with a sister wife I feel it would be the best of both worlds for everyone. She would have some one she could confide in. An adult that would give her a chance to interact with instead of kids 24/7. It would give someone who would help out and share the up keep of the house etc. Not like a maid but you know what I mean just general stuff like any person in the house would do. Sex, yes. let’s talk about that. Would I get to have sex with her? Of course. Why not. This is something my wife really doesn’t want to do anyways so outsource it to someone who does. It also gives me the opportunity to not always be thrust into a dark place but to feel normal on one side and also working with my wife to overcome what she’s going through.

I know, I must sound like a jerk and that I just want my cake and eat it too. But, what if she picked out the person. We went on dates and she was comfortable with her? I love my wife and that wouldn’t change. But, isn’t it possible to also be in a relationship with someone else as well and not lose the relationship that we have invested so many years into?

~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “A sister wife, Why not?”

  1. Well as you know, this is something I’m considering, (Still). Not sure if I’d want her to pick one if it was me. What you’re offering her is great but as you say she’s not concerned about reciprocating. You’re no jerk either. loads of other men would have just left yonks ago so don’t feel bad. We have needs just like they do. We’re expected to realise that for them and ‘be patient’. How come it doesn’t work the other way round. In my case the only thing stopping me from playing elsewhere is the fear of STI’s. Hope this new business is going ok, btw, and good to see you back on here. John

  2. Lol, outsource huh. That’s one way to put it I suppose. Although with my sister wife we all play together.

  3. Your story is the same as my Story. Check out the book Walking on Eggshells. That was the ticket for me.

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