Life, Business & Sex

Once again thank you to the people that read my blog. I’ve been giving it some thought and am thinking of turning this into something greater that would allow not just comments but people to post their own stories. The fact that a suggestion was made to me in a comment helps in my thought process.

I’ve been busy working on building my tech startup as well as working a 40 hour a week position, being a father to two young boys and a husband. I spend a lot of time in my home office because I have to. I’m trying to build something for the families future. So finances will be a little easier at some point down the road. So I can go on a vacation/holiday and not be worried every day that I’m gone that I won’t have a position to come back to. Sometimes here in the US if you give an employer enough time to do the same work without you. They start to ask why they needed you in the first place. I would not rather them even get that thought.

The startup is going well, but dealing with people that say they are going to do something and then flake out on you is something all together in itself. I have to keep moving forward they just become speed bumps to where I want to get to. What did kill me last night is my 7 year old son comes in with watery eyes and asks if I can go play with him or if I’m to busy working. His question brought tears to my eyes, we both hugged and cried a little. He doesn’t get what his dad is trying to accomplish and frankly doesn’t care. He just wanted to spend time with me. I’ll admit it’s been hard juggling everything. For me, working for someone for 20 years doing the same thing, will stable is a slow death. I feel there has to be more to life then that. There has to be some adventure. We have to want more and try and reach for it, whatever that may be. I promptly got up and we went to the game room and played pool for a few games. I’ll do it again this evening. I realize I can’t sacrifice our friendship, my being a daddy to him and his brother for their future. That they would rather have me here NOW and the future will work itself out. It’s extremely hard for me as that’s not who I am. I always have to have something to reach for.

Ok, the sex part..Over the weekend my wife was having a very bad tension headache. She was out of it the entire weekend. I left her alone as I knew it would be rude and selfish of me to even try. I went to bed last night as roughly 11pm. I’ve been exhausted. Thinking takes a lot out of you. Ok, stop chuckling to yourself now..  On Monday my wife comes up to me and says “hey, I know you would have liked to get some lovin but I just wasn’t up to it. Sorry” That was nice and I said no problem I understood and that was it. Real communication and we were both good. Back to last night. My wife comes in at sometime after 12am. She wakes me by getting in the bed. I gently touch her on the hip and well. I was raring to go. She asked what I was doing as I was sliding her panties off spooning behind her. “Making love to my beautiful wife” was my answer. She proceeds to lay on her side and allow me to go at it. I know she just gave in and wasn’t into it but felt that due to her not being able to over the weekend, she gave in. I would almost rather have had her say no and then enjoy it for herself as well this weekend. So, I owe her.

~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 31, 2012.

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  1. Thank you for sharing yoir experiences. Your perspective helps me to understand what my husband has gone through with me and my depression. I am much like your wife. It is hard for someone who suffers from depression to comprehend the inpact their health has on their spouse and loved ones. Thank you!

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