You Might Think..

I know this is going to come off sounding bad no matter how I put it, so here it goes. I was talking with a fellow team member on the new project I’m on. He was saying that he will get his brains fucked out when he gets his first check; he’s making more then he has before just as I am. He said the same will happen to you. I chuckled; he doesnt understand the past and my wife. He said his wife would be so grateful that she would “hook him up” in a very good way. You know, that makes me jealous of him and what he has. I cant help it.

My wife was with me when I was a waiter and had nothing. We have both struggled together over the years and I have given her everything she has wanted, stood by her when she needed me and am still here when she tried to push me away. If you havent followed my blog; I’m a very sexual guy and stockings are my thing. They drive me crazy and it was the way I was hardwired. I’m now making upwards of $300k a year, about to put her in another penthouse apartment and still save something to go in the bank.

Would it be to much to ask that my wife do something for me back? Does that sound like I’m owed something for giving her this lifestyle? Like I stated, it wouldnt sound right no matter how it was said. But, just as the saying goes. “When momma aint happy no ones happy.” Well, the same thing goes for daddy. She has one type of stress but I have another of taking care of everyone. To make sure I dont get sick, to make sure that I put in the time. Would it be to much to ask for her to give me a little something to make me happy? To be honest, a great blow job and sex while wearing stockings would be fantastic. And I dont mean the every few years kinda thing. She hasn’t worn stockings in I dont know how long. Blow jobs are well, very in frequent as well. I dont know what it will take for her to freely and want to do the things to me that she knows I would love.

It’s not an anger issue its a “why not me” issue. I’ve sacrificed for so long and will continue to do so. She says she knows she has to step up to the plate. Yet, it never happens. When she does its for a short period of time and then wears off. The bigger issue is that I know she’s faking it. I want her to “want” to do these things I ask. To want to and enjoy pleasing her husband. When I ask her not to be fake, the way she is acting disappears. She had to act with men in her past; she felt she had to in order to gain some type of love from them. So, by her acting with me just to give me what I want. Puts me in the same category as them and no better. So, asking her to be real. Causes me to not get what I want from her. Yet, she wont step up herself.

Frustrating….i.e. the title of my blog says it all.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “You Might Think..”

  1. Friend I have some news for you. You will never get it as good as when you first met. I too have a love of stockings and BJs – once a month of each would keep me ticking over – which to be honest is not asking much. As it is I would say full BJ is quaterly (3-4 months), stockings now 1-2 years or longer inn between (and then with great, great reluctance, which makes me feel like utter crap) holdups if I am lucky perhaps a handful of times (which are almost as good as stockings).
    Of course life goes on and all things considered everything else is pretty good – I am supportive and we have a good laugh. I have a stepdaughter almost ready to go to Uni and my wife is older than me.
    I used to think that once we get more time with no dependents things may change but I doubt it. Mrs. Menopause is coming over the hill!

    Still, its nothing to divorce over.
    I am kind of half resigned to the fact that this is how its going to be. We have a regular (3 times a week I guess on average) sexlife so its not all bad. So its “good/ok” but not “outstanding”.

    Her priorities just are not the same as mine.
    I used to wonder why older married men were always going on about sex and making jokes. Looks like the proof is in the pudding.

    Becasue of this my fantasy life is rampant though. I have read all about porn opinions etc, but for someone who is just highly sexed its essential. My own imagination is very creative but you have to keep generating ideas for those many times where you have to sort yourself out.

    I dunno. People just get lazy and complacent.

    I hear you.

  2. women get triggered off very easily as guys get triggered on.just ask your wife wat she likes and does’nt like,women r sensitive about stuff like hygne,dont frustrate her with comments like ur faking it,instead show how much u enjoy her company n like wat eva she does

  3. Boy do I get where u r coming from!!!

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