“God Closes One Door and Opens Another?”

I have never been a religious man as I didn’t grow up going to church. I do believe in a higher being, and he is called by different names, looks different etc. So that a group of people can easier identify with him. Make sense? As some of you have read I got a new position more then 800 miles from home due to getting laid off.

“God Closes One Door and Opens Another”
Yes, but he doesnt tell you which one to go through. This is my take on “God” he presents choices and allows you to have free will. There are good and/or bad with each choice thats made. Some of course are better then others. I think that “God” knows which one you should take, he knows which one you will take. But, sits back and see what choices YOU make.

I was laid off and started networking like crazy online. I was getting interviews within Miami yet the positions were in most cases $30,000 less then what I was making before. Now I dont want you to think that we should have reduced or drastically changed our lifestyle, moved etc. As we really didnt have much to start with when we moved down there. Plus a reduction in salary that much would have caused us to move in a very not so hot part of town. Somewhere I didnt want my family to be.

I think I’m going to have to take a position there at a severe loss in salary and I get a call. My assistant found your profile on Linkedin, directed you to me….. two phone interviews and 3 days later and I’m going to Washington DC making 3 times more then what I was.

Now, this new salary will allow my family from a financial standpoint to really get ahead. Something we have not been able to do in sometime. We have no retirement for us, nothing for a rainy day or a lay off etc. The idea is to quickly pay off cars and a few other debts but the cars are the biggest and put the rest away.

“The Doors”
Door One – Stay in Miami with my family, make $30K less and struggle and the wife goes back to work, basicly paying just for the kids to be in day care (its $26K/yr. for two kids in Miami).
Door Two – Go to DC, be away from the family, go home every two weeks, get us out of financial turmoil and get ahead.

So, you know what I took but emotionally the choice hurts me terribly but it’s something I feel that has to be done. I guess “God” wants me to learn something from the choice. To be closer to family, to cherish the time and interaction I do have with them? I dont know. I guess time will tell and if I can see what I am supposed to learn.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to ““God Closes One Door and Opens Another?””

  1. You have to make the best choice that you can bsaed on the information at hand and you and your wife’s long-term plan. There may be some struggles but this is where your personal set of values comes in. As long as you communicate, I doubt that you can make a “bad” choice.

  2. It must be tough, but I think you made right choice.

  3. This is an amazingly articulated post. I think as a parent and partner, we have all had to make difficult choices. be the best dad and husband you can be. It will suck, but be worth it in the end.

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