Sexual Life

Being away from my wife during the middle of the week is well, for our sex life is interesting. I say that because when I was right there, home day in and day out. Sex with me was an after thought if that. But, now when I come home on the weekends, the quality of sex that we are having is great. She still hasn’t stepped up really; she hasn’t changed on on that front. As most of you might know. I love stockings. It’s a huge love not a fetish. I dont need her to wear them in order to finish. I would just love for her to wear them. She currently has a bad self image and I can understand where she doesnt feel sexy so they dont go on. I’ve asked, even begged and it falls on deaf ears. I know, I should be happy that I’m getting any sex and that when I do it’s quality on top of that right. I would just like her to wear something, put aside how she feels about how she looks in it and go for it, for at least 45 minutes and thats it. I guess I want her to step out of her comfort zone for me and not always think of herself but doing what it takes to please someone else.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 8, 2009.

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  1. What’s new? ;)

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