Interview Day..

It’s Monday, the day of my interview with Motorola. I’m not nervous, I know how to sell myself. I’ve been staying with my sister over the weekend, good to stay with family. She purchased a new dinning table and wanted my help in setting it up and the chairs. Looking at the room it was going to go into, the thought of putting a new table in there was sad. I suggested we paint, new light fixture and window treatments. Yes, I have queer eye for a straight guy. What do you expect, I’m a designer/creative through and through.

So, my weekend has been spent painting. One color for main wall, one for accent wall and one for trim. It’s been fun, my way of leaving my mark after I leave.

On the family side of things. It’s been tough. I miss my kids, my wife has been sick etc. I would move out here to take care of my family but I dont see myself staying. Maybe a year max. Just long enough to get us out of the financial hole that we seem to be in. It wouldn’t take long, a few months. After that it would all be about getting ahead.

There is a new shopping center, the park and walk around open-air type thats being built next year in our small town. This will be the main hub of everything around there. It might sound strange, but I would love to open a sit down coffee house. Like Central Perk on friends. A place to meet friends, hang out, put your feet up etc. The oppisite of Starbucks; just not to run in and out. Being here and the added pay would give the project a jump start. It would give me/us the ability to work for ourselves and not rely so much on technology. I enjoy dealing with people and making them happy. Technology allows you to be removed from that. Putting a smile on someones face by providing them with great service is a trully enjoyable thing.

My sister suggested that I wash my clothes last night. She started a load and tossed my dress slacks and button up shirt in. WELL….Lets just say that I have to go out this morning and buy a new shirt and dress slacks. The others seemed to have gotten splattered stains to the point where they are ruined. So, is this the way my day will go? I wont let it. I have the ability to control what happens moving forward.

To all who have given me words of encouragement. I thank you, I truly do. Of course, I will follow up when I have some news one way or the other.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on November 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Interview Day..”

  1. I agree with what you’re saying about helping people, finding the best way one can do that.

    Best of luck. You’re sounding cool.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Good luck!

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