Where Have I Been..?

Wow! Things have been crazy on the job hunt. I basicly gave up on Monster and Careerbuilder. Submiting my resume along with 5000 others for the same position wasn’t cutting it. I had to fiure out a better way. Hey, wait I have a Linkedin account, let me leverage that for what its good for, networking. I joined several groups in my field of work and sarted reading. I came across something interesting. Besides the discussion about what or how you would do design for XYZ. I noticed a number of postings by hiring managers, direct internal corporate recruiters and even a CEO here and there about their need for qualified people. I started sending off resumes and adding them directly to my connections. I started posted comments about various dicussions, showing I was knowledable about my craft and had something to contribute. I basicly had them interviewing me just by reding my responses. I would get, “oh, yeah, I read your comment on XYZ, good point, you explained it well.” BINGO**

Monday I was in Michigan to meet with TechSmith. I have had 2 phone interviews with HSBC. I met with 2 local companies and I fly out today to go to California to have a Monday interview with Motorola. I couldnt have gotten this far without the time and resources I put into looking in general and Linkedin.

Now, you might ask. Would I move from this area and take my family. No, they would stay here. As in my previous post. Something I have been fighting and agonizing over. My wife would miss me but understand. The 4 month old is to young. The 4 year old is the one that IMO would be the biggest effected. In the end, I know it would effect me more then anyone. Yet, if I have to sacrafice some time to provide for my family then thats something I’ll have to do.

On the relationship side. It’s gone flat really. Not moving up nor down, just there. Well, I’m off in a few hours to get on a plane. Till I get back and am inspired to write something…


~ by Frustrated Hubby on November 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Where Have I Been..?”

  1. Great to hear from you again. It has been a while. In my real-life world, I’m an HR Director and you are right on with the LinkedIn thing. Great way to EFFECTIVELY network. Well done.

    Get your job sitch in order and then you’ll have more time and energy on the relationship front (I hope). Keep us posted….

  2. Good luck, although I hope you find something that allows you to stay at home: you may not think a 4 month old will notice but they will. Most of all though, the person that it would be hardest on is you – stay at home if you can.

  3. Best of luck with Motorola. Your experience with LinkedIn is v interesting and useful for my real-world alter-ego. So far I’ve been pretty sceptical about those networking sites but you’ve really used it well by the sound of it.

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