Missing what you do for me…

Well, due to the economy sucking I was laid off from Wyndham World Wide on the 14th. Something I’ve experienced in the IT/Creative computer world before. In looking for a new position, a potential opportunity was brought to my attention. They like my resume and are looking at next steps, the phone interview. Here’s the interesting part, it would be in California. I would stay there and come home either every two weeks or once a month. This would bother me, being away from my family; but if its something I have to do in order to support them then so be it. It wouldn’t be a permate thing, like 6 months to a year.

I brought it up to the wife, explained the position, salary and the location. I would have thought, well it would have been nice to get a few words of, “wow, honey. I would miss my husband for x reason(s).” But, I got was, “this will be hard on me. I will have to deal with the kids. I’ll have to do everything…” HUH? [insert puzzled look] I made mention of it and the response was, “well, like the person you are when you run up to the pharmacy, or run and get me gas in the hummer stuff like that” HUH? [insert puzzled look, again]

You know, I find this funny really. It doesnt even hurt. If she would really miss ME and who I am. It didn’t come out that way. It just seemed like I would be missed for the things I do to help her out, not who I am. I guess she at least would have it good. I wouldnt be there to snor next to her, yet. All of the major bills would be getting paid. Interesting, we’ll see what happens.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Missing what you do for me…”

  1. GREAT to hear! I’m so happy for you. I hope things are going well…post soon. We miss you.

  2. I got a heart felt comment from the wife that I felt didn’t need to be posted; I was mistaken. I didn’t see what was in front of me. I stand corrected.

  3. First, sorry about your job. The economy just sucks and that’s that. Glad you found a new opportunity even though it might not be ideal.

    Without really knowing you and your wife that well, my response is that I’m hopeful her reaction is just a tired mom reaction. Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture (missing being with you) when you are so bogged down in the details of your day to day life. It does sound selfish on her part, honestly, but for now, maybe just chalk it up to mommyhood. She’ll get over it.

    Perhaps you will find that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I found that to be true with my husband even though we have a decent relationship. When he goes to spring training with the guys or something like that and I have a few days without him, I find myself thinking about him MUCH more than I normally would and really looking forward to his return.

    I have several friends with husbands who travel a great deal, even having to keep 2 homes in different cities, and they have adjusted to it really well and in a couple of cases it is made their relationships better than ever. Keep hope alive!

  4. At least you will be missed! :-) That’s a positive, trust me. If she was just happy you’d be gone, but sending home money, we would be in a whole other world of sh!t.

  5. FH

    Sorry to hear about your work troubles. Hope this new position works out.

    Re your wife’s response: I get a lot of that sometimes from my wife, and a daily litany of her latest trials and tribulations. At first I would retaliate with my own; then I would clam up and seethe with silent resentment. Nowadays I think it’s a kind of level of intimacy, a lot easier to say than, “I love you and I miss you and I wish we could just be happy together always.” but might be code for the same thing. The latter is a lot nicer to hear of course.

    Best of luck with this job!


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