The Soft Wall

Ok, I want to announce that I want to strangle the person that came up with the concept of a body pillow!!!

My wife and I are coming off of a good weekend together. Before leaving I did some things that she had not expected me to do. I’m trying to do things without her asking, if this makes her happy, then maybe just maybe she’ll make me happy. She noticed the things I had done; she told me the next day that she was going to give me some but fell asleep. She was happy that I had taken it upon myself to do something she had not askd me to do. Cool. I was happy for doing it in the first place.

So, we leave for the holiday weekend with mother-in-law in tow as somewhat of a nanny to help out with the little ones so we could at least go out to dinner. Yeah, no sex was taking place this weekend.

Fast forward to late evening after gettting home. She announces that she’s going in the bedroom. Whooo Hooo, my chance. My ONLY window of opportunity for, oh I dunno a week or two. I go in there and she has gotten into her “SLEEP” position with a freaken body pillow next to her, facing my side. Does this sound like an invite or a leave me alone? Hmmmm. As I lay there dissapointed already, also knowing that it wont bother her in the least to not make love to her husband. I make a statement. “Ok, go ahead let me know it isnt going to happen.” a few minutes go by with no answer. Yeah, I’m supposed to be a cryptographer and read some type of sign here I guess. “Honey?” I ask…..”What” is her answer. Once again, inviting. She is making NO effort to want to make love to me. It would be all my doing. A “if you want it, you make the effort. You take my underwear off, you do all the work” Then theres still that freaken body pillow sandwiched between her leggs.

She tells me it would ne nice if I came in there and just started kissing her and we went at it. I then tug at the soft wall, “Yeah, this says I’m ready and willing.”

I so want to destroy that fucken body pillow. Sorry about the language. I have told her that I dont like it. That she didn’t used to have it when we were newly together. Now, it’s a good way of getting me to leave you alone.

So, encountering that I just flat out asked. KNOWING what the answer was going to be. Great freaken holiday and what was supposed to be an early anniversery weekend.

Once again, I did something that she didnt expect. Yes, thinking it would stir her to do something for me I wouldnt expect. Yet, nothing. Story of my relationship. How about I just get a play thing for the sexual side of me and stay with her for everything else. Naaa, I already know the answer to that too.

Once again, I sit here. Frustrated and pissed off. Remember that cycle I mentioned in the previous post. I’m trying to b the champion of my own words and make visible changes. Yeah..lets see where this gets me.  I suspect nowhere.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on September 1, 2008.

One Response to “The Soft Wall”

  1. Old Chinese Proverb:

    A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn’t.

    A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, but she does.

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