Sex…LOL..What’s That?

I know that after having a baby that you have to wait 6 weeks. I know. Mine was stretched to 8 weeks, figure that. I’ve made love to my wife, ohhh ONCE in I dunno, 2.5 months or so. PERFECT for my wife. It’s pissing me off, then again. Why should this drought be any different right? Why do you think I use the picture of the sand dunes?

I read the other day that if you masterbate at least 5 times a week for a guy that you’ll have a healthy prostate. Shit, LOL if something happens to me. Take mine out, cut it into smaller parts and install. It will run like a well tuned Ferrari; anyone that gets it. You know you play with yourself a lot when you can’t even turn yourself on. LMAO, damn….

I want the girlfriend back that I first dated. The one that would wear stockings, because I love them to please me. WOW, what a comcept. To sacrafice yourself for the one you love. Hmmmm, now if someone could please explain this to my wife.

The other night I climbed into bed very honry, slid next to my wife. I started playing with a toy, she came to a climax, althoug I was told it hurt. We have explored this with a Dr. and nothing can be found. Yet, she feels something on the inside. Anyways. I lay there, she looks at me “what” she says. I don’t sa to much, I dont want to be an insensetive jerk. I ask her if we are going to continue? She says “NO” I lay there..I then got upset and get up. The thing that bothered me the most is not that we weren’t going to continue. It was the fact that she didn’t even think of me. It would have been nice for her to offer to do something for me. “Honey, that hurt a little and I dont want to contnue, but is there anything I can do for you?” That would have been great! WOW, she would have thought of me and made a little sacrafice. But, NOPE!

I did get upset and leave the room quietly. Not for the reason of not having sex with my wife but for not feeling like I was thought of. I felt as if I didnt matter.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 21, 2008.

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