What’s New?

Things have been crazy all around. I started a new job with a large company, I noticed that there wasn’t anything to do. I spoke to some of the other people on my team and found out that they had basicly been sitting around for months not doing anything. Yeah, see where this is heading. Both manager head off to the corp office in California last week. They get back this week. Send out a meeting invite on Monday am and announce to everyone on the development team that the home office decided to consolidate everything in CA. We all were done there. Florida is a right to work state, meaing any emaployer even with a contract can let you go for any reason. HUH? Some guys where there for over 5 years and now, POOF done.

My wife has been at home with the new little one and that hasn’t been easy when you also have to deal with a 3.5 year old as well. He seems to be doing very well with the addition of his new brother. He keeps saying “We have a big family” and then states everyone within the family.

My wife got a disturbing letter in the mail yesterday, it was financial related. This pushed her over the top with everything that’s going on right now. I listened to her, tried to make her feel better. I also explained that a family is the sum of it’s people. Not the things that surround them. We can get another house if needed. We could get more cars etc. They are just things and don’t define our family and who we are.

We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 2, 2008.

One Response to “What’s New?”

  1. I hope things get better for you!

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