The Night After…

My wife asked for me to stay at the hospital with her. I knew what was coming but really wanted to go home, get a good nights sleep and then return in the am. I know, sounds selfish for what she just went through, but I’m being honest. The hospital is new and the rooms are private and better then some hotels we’ve been in. How about black marble for the bathroom counter top, nice… They give a Murphy bed for the dads to stay in, bedding the reall doesnt fit it, still trying to figure that one out. At one point I guess our son was doing power eating sprints, every hour. You guessed it. Just as you start to drift off, BAM! The lights come on and he’s in for the buffet from mommy. Thats ok though, I love it. I wouldn’t trade my life right now for anything. Now, ask me in a few months and you might get a different answer.

On a different note. My wife was asking me what I thought. I really haven’t thought to much. I have to think about the 3 year old, what he’s into and who he’s driving crazy. I think if the 11 year old that has no common sense is somewhat looking after him etc. I have a lot to think about then really be able to get into the moment.

I’ll keep you posted. Might be home tonight with the kids on our own. We’ll see..


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 13, 2008.

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