When It Rains…

So, as most of you know. The new baby is almost here. I’m starting a new position on Monday, and things are going well at home. It’s really nice not to feel tension or turmoil.

Well, things are getting even better! When I was 20 something I came up with, designed and developed a concept for an Electoric Medical Record system (EMR). My wife and I had only been together for 3 months and I was invited to a meeting with Lockheed Martin. I did a small demo of a concept that wasn’t working and was offered a team to build it and $8MM, yes $8 Million! I stood there and turned it down in less then 5 minutes due to who the companies main customer was, the US Gov. I couldnt guarantee that your medical records wouldnt be “looked into”

Fast forward a bit to an older guy I raced (I know, I know) in my car one evening. His $90,000+ Mercedes and my R32 VW. Lets just say I won. I run into this guy again this past Sunday. He is the Chief of Staff for two hospitals in a major retirement area here in Florida. I chuckle and tell him about my story. He asks, just like most do. Why I haven’t done anything with it? I don’t have the funds to build it. I have to take care of other bills and family. He then tells me he is going over to the CEO of the hospitals house for dinner. Ok………

I call him on Monday to thank him for a mentally stimulationg conversation on Sunday and that I really enjoyed it. He tells me that my name came up no less then 6 times during the evening and the CEO, CTO and a few other big name guys want to talk to me about my concept and look into giving me the funds into getting it built.

HUH? What just happened?

I’m not about to complain. I’m the visionary guy. I come up with the ideas, get them rolling then hand them off to people a hell of a lot smarter then me to actually run a company.

So, sometimes when things don’t look at that great. They all seem to fall in line one way or the other. There’s no telling if anything will come of me meeting with these guys. But it doesn’t hurt to try.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 5, 2008.

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