Giving Her Credit

I do have to give my wife a bit of credit for a wonderful encounter the other evening. The day started out ok, normal. Later on in the evening I had a heart to heart talk with my wife about the sexual relationship that I need between us. That I’m not her abusers from the past, yet I carry the burden of what they had done. I poured my heart out as I always do when talking to her, I guess I want her to get it. To feel and see how I feel and to somewhat understand. I wanted her to understand that I dont want her to just give in and lay there. But to be there in that time, with me enjoying each other. I would think most of us want that, men and women alike.

After the talk we made the best love together in a very long time. She was really into it. Being 8-9 months preggo at the time and not always feeling 100% I do give her a world of credit. Not for the act itself, but for listening. For really hearing what I was saying and really try. Just not being there willing to allow me to use her. One thing my wife said that I found very interesting;

“I feel that our realtionship is better when we are both into it.”

WOW! She did notice that things were better. I think, not just because I had my needs met but, I would like to think she also got something out of it. Since that episode we have not had a major fight or blow up for any reason. I think there is something there. I hope things continue, we’ll see. With the new little one almost here I suspect things are going to change back, at least for 6 weeks.

So, for that I wanted to say “I love you honey and thank you for listening.”


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Giving Her Credit”


  2. How wonderful for both of you that you’re communicating and that it leads to success. This is probably something you both need as you get ready to welcome the new family member.

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