Shopping with our son in Target, my wife turns towards the bra’s. Our son belts out a “BOOBIES” very loud. As the dad I’m laughing and kinda proud, (it’s a guy thing). I ask him, “what do you like? BOOBIES! “What would you like to touch?” BOOBIES!

He proceeds to say, boobies, BOOBIES!, booooooobies. I’m about to pee right there in the store! My wife is also laughing but trying to move around the racks as fast as possible. Picture a preggo woman quickly walking around the racks of bra’s with a man pushing a cart and a 3 year old yelling BOOBIES!

He calmed down, we check out after a few more boobies in front of the check out girl. Ok, I encouraged those ones just to embarrass her. She said she was used to it.

The shopping event was done.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Boobies!”

  1. Nice! I still cry laughing at the memory of my husband’s guide dog setting off the sensor alarm as we walked out of Fredericks once. He happened to snag his nose along a bottom rack, taking several bras out the door with him.

  2. ABSOLUTELY hardwired. Indeed. My 4-year-old, after being breast-fed for his first year of life, is long-weaned now, but still loves to see, touch, squeeze and do something he calls “nipple-pinch” to my “boobies”. He thinks it’s the most fun you can have on this earth, and gets a mischievous expression on his face when he does it. It’s both somehow distressing, and adorable. I can already see that he’ll be doing the exact same things to his future girlfriends’ boobies the minute he’s got the chance. I’m sort of a practice figure for him in that sense, and in that sense I can feel honoured that I have inspired and nourished his love of boobies.

  3. I would agree. We do see them as objects and “not attached” to a woman. It isnt right and I’ll be the first one to admit that.

    I find it interesting that even at 3. Men seem to be hardwired in some cases.

  4. OK, this little story illustrates a crucial difference. The men (including the three-year-old) think of “BOOBIES” as some generic category of object. A type of object they are very interested in and enthusiastic about. All that enthusiasm is great, BUT…the woman thinks of “boobies” primarily as hers. Her breasts. Part of her. It makes no sense to a woman really, to think about “BOOBIES” in general. And the woman would like to think that a man thinks about HER BOOBIES. Not just “BOOBIES.” I could be wrong, but it’s not the interest, but the GENERAL interest that is distressing. Because it could be applied anywhere, any way, and makes her feel that she just HAPPENS to have something on her body that fits into the GENERAL category the man is interested in. That is not very reassuring.

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