Being a Man…

As a young child you start to see the differences in being male. You stand upright to pee. You test your strength with your father, pushing, shoving, hitting, not knowing you can easily get clobbered.

Girls your own age don’t matter yet. Something interesting though. You start to know what you like as you try and catch a glimpse of the next door neighbor undressing, a sisters friend at a sleep over changing, anything.

We are taught by our father, if they’re there that we are supposed to embody, strength, humility, courage, bravery, chivalry and honor. A creed to live by, yet all are not always followed.

As a teenager we start to show who we are. We get that first change to touch a breast, taking an hour or more to get our hands under a bra. Then when the experience is over. We think in amazement that we got to touch only what we have seen in a magazine that a friends dad or older brother had. This ia about the time that we find out that shampoo rubbed over a limp penis will make it rise within 1/100th of a second and hard enough to chip steal, now what…

In our 20’s now…we have been thinking about sex every few minutes for a better part of 10 years, even when we didn’t know what it was. How can you fight that. A 3 year old toddler can stroke himself, finding himself and realizing that it feels good at the same time. How can you fight that…

This is also the time we will hump almost anything that moves. We go out with friends and try and conquer anything on two legs, some will even go for one leg and crutches. I don’t know about that one now, back then, sure… Late 20’s something happens. We want more from our mate. We want to be loved…

Now in our early 30’s. We look for that girl that has different qualities. The big boobs, fake hair and only concerned about how much you make doesn’t really interest you. You want to get down and freaky with someone who loves you and who we can love back. We might get married and deal with all of he emotional baggage that is brought in…..on both sides. We have kids and life continues………………

Here is where I am.

Ladies and men that read my blog. Talk to each other. Really talk. I’m good at talking, my wife not so much. She, as I feel most women have either been taught not to let feelings out or just keep them in. Talk, express yourself to one another. My wife and I have issues, I refuse to give up. Sometimes I want to but that wasn’t the deal I signed on for, “for better or worse” being a man isn’t easy. Being a father of a young son, thinking I’m not raising a child I’m teaching my son to embody, strength, humility, courage, bravery, chivalry and honor.

I’m raising a man…….


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Being a Man…”

  1. Kate,

    Thank you first off for reading my blog. I started it or that reason as well. To possibly give women an insight or look into us. Yes, there are differences but overall I think that we all want the same things.

  2. I admire you for being so blunt. Fascinating to have a perspective from the other side of the aisle, so to speak.

    Funny how I just read dozens of your posts, commiserating with a ton of your thoughts. Sometimes I think I identify better with husbands, though I am a wife

  3. Great post!

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