Counseling will resume…

We had been getting counseling through a local church. The nice part was we didn’t have to go to the church to get it. I’m not big into church at all. I think there are a lot of things wrong with organized religion in general. I don’t have to go listen to a person talk about how a book that was written hundreds or thousands of years ago relates to my daily life now. There are ways to make everything relevant to each other. I also don’t like that fact that in some cases, not all that if your not living you life the way they say you should that your going to hell and your a bad person, HUH? What if you save kittens and help feed the homeless, yet like to have your nipples twisted by a midget dressed in rubber? Ok, just kidding on that one. But, would one act cancel the other? Anyways.

So, the church decided that counseling sessions will now only be done with people attending the church. UGGGHHHHH! Ok, I can see their point, get people to come to church make them feel good I guess etc etc. When my wife told me this I asked her one thing, If we go to church including me, will you go back to counseling? I got a yes. So, we’ll be off to church this Saturday at 6pm or so. I shocked my wife, she knows I dont like church but if it means she gets the counseling that she needs, then I’m all in.

So, I’ll give you an update as to how things turn out. I hope they dont ask you to confess things, I think once I started talking we wouldn’t be asked to return.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on February 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Counseling will resume…”

  1. Anna,

    Well, my blog if any would be a good place to explain your problem.

  2. i cannot enter to church..coz i’m muslim..but i also have my own problem..

  3. It is nice that you make sacrificies for your wife and relationship. It shows a commitment. Good for you and good for her. All the best for both of you…

  4. Just for clarification. You don’t have to attend the church to go to counseling there. Anyone can go to the counseling center at that church… but to get scholarships (not have to pay for counseling) you have to be a regular attendee. Your counselor would still see you both if you decide you don’t want to attend church. You’d just have to start paying. :-)

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