Whats Been Going On….

There is a lot to get everyone up to speed on. This post might be long.

My career path is one in technology. In that area I’ve chosen to be a Web Designer. I had been doing this in one form or another for the past 12+ years. I’ve designed sites or Nokia and Dodge. Both large and small companies alike. I had recently switched to being an Instructional Designer, someone who writes online e-learning courses. My company just recently lost the government contract it had and let 15 of us go. So, I’m looking for another full time position. As I pay most of the larger bills in the house, this as you can image has made things difficult.

You start to doubt yourself and wonder if you’ve made the right choices in life. As a man you doubt yourself and what you can provide for your family. Keeping depression at bay isnt easy either. We have brought our son home to be with me as it saves $100 a week in day care and I love the time with him, it just leaves very little time to making calls or having to run out at the last minute for an interview.

So, that has gotten me into a weird mood. I dont know what it is. It isnt full on depression, but I guess its there a little. I’m also looking at the time of year and realizing that with the holidays right around the corner that a company might not want to bring someone on board right now. It’s hard.

I also have something to say about counseling, I’ll do that in another post.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on November 13, 2007.

One Response to “Whats Been Going On….”

  1. Hey!! One thing I have learnt through recruiting myself and through helping others find work, COMPANIES ARE ALWAYS HIRING. Don’t stop looking ‘cos you think it is the wrong time of year as you will definitely not find work then.

    Good luck and stay positive!!

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