Strip Clubs, Tittie Bar…What Do You Think?

I just happen to finish reading a blog where the author was commenting about the women that threw an ashtray at her husbands head for going to a strip club. She didnt see anything wrong with it and was on the side of the husband to an extent.

What do you think of such places?

I have to admit that I used to go to them and that I used to date several dancers. The life style is exciting, watching them live normal lives during the day. Then going into the club and watching them become someone different and take a guy for all he’s worth. It was great. I love how dancers aren’t afraid to show themselves, to in a sense be free, to use what god gave them. Do I think there is going to far? Sure I do. Going into the VIP room, some girls will go the extra mile for that extra $$$. Not cool in my book.

Going back to women getting angry at their men for going to such places. Why? I keep saying it over and over again. Men want to get what they want AT HOME!! How hard is that to understand? My case is different and I understand that. For women that have not gone through what my wife has, whats up?

After the day is done, the kids in bed, your tired, you’ve dealt with your mans crap. Why is it ok to not want to look sexy, act sexy/slutty/naughty etc? We can cut the grass, wash the cars, give the kid(s) a bath if asked and still want to make love. We will be ready to go no matter what, simple as that. Most guys go to strip clubs because there is a lack of something at home. What is that you ask? FANTASY, we like fantasy a lot! We go to the strip clubs because they build a fantasy that they can be had and some guys are willing to spend whatever they can in trying to reach that, cudos to the stripper for making him think so.

Now dont get me wrong. I’m not saying dress-up every night. One time a week or so would keep most guys from going out. Why would he have to? He’s getting his fantasy quota filled right at home where YOU want him to be, right.

The whole argument of objectifying women. That doesnt hold water either. They arent being forced to get up on stage. They choose to get up there. Either to put themselves through school for something greater, self esteem or whatever. Oh, by the way. The girls do drink but not all of them do drugs. If they stay strong and believe in themselves then it’s just a job that makes them good money and they move on, simple.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on November 1, 2007.

13 Responses to “Strip Clubs, Tittie Bar…What Do You Think?”

  1. I would agree. What seems to the the issue not just in my house but with others is there might be the communication but the lack of action. I would love for my wife to tell me what her fantasies are and for me to act them out. She was robbed of that by her father and for both of us it hasn’t been easy. Guys really want what they want from their wives. Something has happened in their past or they were brought up in a world where acting or even just having sexual fantasies is naughty and isn’t to be done.

    I’m as sexual as can be; and I don’t hold my wifes past against her. Hence my blog and my frustration.

  2. I am against.

    I’m all about fantasies. And if you ask me to dress up (or even better, buy me what you want to see me in), I’ll do that. I’m open to a lot.

    But strip clubs are out. For single men, I have no problem with it. I think it’s a waste of money, but hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

    But if you’re in a committed relationship, especially married, I’d say no. You’re paying real live people to sexually entertain and gratify you. That doesn’t fly with me.

    I’d be more than willing to do that myself for the person I happen to be with.

    I’m not even all that crazy about any man of mine looking at porn online, but that I wouldn’t put up a fight over. All men do that, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Trading pics with REAL women online? That’s out. That doesn’t fly with me either.

    But I guess what I don’t get is when guys don’t learn about their women BEFORE hand, then get all upset when their wife doesn’t want to fantasize. Men in general need to ask for what they want; women can’t possible just “know” how you like it or what you want. I’m fortunate that in my relationship we’re both very open about communicating the things we want, and try to accomodate each other’s needs.

  3. I think that strip clubs are a place to appreciate a certain type of femininity in it’s purest form. The raw, in your face essence of female sexuality. That can be present in marriage, but my guess is (i’m not married) that there is so much more to “real” life that wives don’t have time to express that part of themselves everyday.

  4. Thanks for the linky love. Enjoy!

  5. Gee, don’t act too desperate there dear.

    BTW…I also enjoy going to the strip club with my hubby…

  6. On my way. Also added you to the roll.

  7. I’d hate to hijack your blog with all my fantasies, FH. Perhaps you’ll just swing by my place (meaning my blog, of course) to read about some of my fantasies that have already come true…

  8. No, if you have more then one share. Write them out here. Give us the juice details. Express your fantasy.

  9. Only one fantasy? Let’s just say that it involves dinner, our hot tub, and another couple…

  10. I think the rub comes from “acting” out the fantasy and something thats visual. For me, if my wife wanted to go to a guy strip show or club. Feel free. I would hand her all the $1 bills she would need. Why not. I have nothing to fear. She knows the boundaries and it isn’t for me to remind her of them. Then again I don’t get jealous at all over anything.

    SM, I’m glad to hear that your hubby has enough at home. Then again, just to wonder. Have you asked him? A lot of men and women wouldn’t even want the question asked in the first place, lol. The guy has one way to answer that one correctly. Screw it up and the wife will get upset and the hubby has no where to turn.

    Like I said I’m VERY open to a lot of things. To be honest I wouldn’t mind an event between my wife and another man with my wife. I would find it exciting. I know from her past as well as me, in the beginning not understanding that this isn’t something she would be willing to go for. So, no biggy. but I was just showing an example that my boundaries are pretty far out there for most.

  11. Hey. Each to their own and if you think that’s okay then so be it. Here’s what I wrote about it a while ago
    I give my husband more then enough to fantazise about. However, if I did or did not, I would still be ticked if he went. He has a home and a wife. So men don’t always do what a woman want – would it be okay for HER to just leave and act out her fantasies somewhere else? Heck no

  12. I’m not a cave man to think that some women have past issues. It seems that they were taught that “good girls” don’t indulge in that way. Why not. We all have them.

    So, what is one of your fantasies.

  13. Good fantasy goes a long way. I’m not really the best one to chime in here because I LOVE fantasies – imagining them, sharing them, and most especially, indulging them. I agree that there would be a lot fewer tittie bars if more women let go of their inhibitions and even simply acknowledged that they have fantasies so that they might begin to share them and make them come true.

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