Boobies, Watch Them Grow

Some back story. My wife was a size “B” when we first started going out. When she gave birth to our son, she reached a full “D”. After nursing, she reduced to a full “C”.

I started to chuckle the other day, I realized that she’s starting out a full “C” and will get in my estimate a “DD”. She hates the thought of this as she would like for her body to still look like she did when she was 22-24. I’ve explained time and time again. That it’s due to her have a child, but coming from me I guess I would be expected to say as much.

So, this morning I was getting ready to head off to the office, my wife turns around and WOW! They seem to have gotten huge over night. I had mentioned that if she truly didn’t like them and if it would make her happy that we could look into getting them reduced and lifted when everything was done. If it will make her happy and feel better about herself, then why not.

So, the boobie fairy has started to arrive. Should get interesting by the time the baby gets here.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Boobies, Watch Them Grow”

  1. It’s fun for you guys watching them grow, it’s not necessarily fun for us having to carry them around. LOL

  2. Dear, not only thank you for sharing my little boobie story, but I just need to correct you here, at birth of our son I was pushing a DD, they only went down to a small D. That’s where I’ve been for the past few years. I was already at a C when I got prego with our son. Just had to correct you here…carry on with sharing these little tid-bits.

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