I Like Zombies

I think Zombie movies are cool and funny. I’ve even worked out a plan on what to do during the Zombie uprising. Have You?

I just took a test to see where I stand.

83% Survivability

Zombie Test from JustSayHi


~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “I Like Zombies”

  1. Thats my girl! We’re going to make it!!

  2. I have a 75% survival chance. Not bad huh?

  3. LOL, figures. I know you answered the ones about sacrificing yourself to save someone else, that you would stay back.

    See, him and I know. You get bitten. We might as well take you out right then in the head, your not going to make it anyways and you just became a liability to the rest of us.

    Sorry, loved you “WHACK”!!

    PS. Note People… You have to hit zombies in the head to stop basic brain functions i.e. those would be the ones telling the zombie to eat you.

  4. I had a 51% chance of survival, but that’s okay because that’s why I have my awesome AND amazing zombie killer of a husband around!

  5. You’re such a goof!! But I love ya!

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