Would You LoJack Your Child?

A coworker and I were just discussing this topic.

As a 36 year old dad I feel bad that I can’t allow my kids to go outside and play like I once did. I would be gone from sun up to sun down and only coming in for some Koolaid and something to eat, then right back out again.

As a father of a 11 year old daughter and a 2.5 year old son. If there was a way for me to have a GPS transmitter placed somewhere within them. I would have no problem doing this. If something were to happen I would have the peace of mind knowing I could pull them up and see right where they were at, alive or dead but at least I would know.

For those of you that are parents, or think you will become parents. What do you think? Could or would you do this to help find and possibly insure some type of safety for your child?

Say at 21 if they are still in school or 18 if they move out etc. they could then opt to have it removed. I know people will say big brother. I dont see “this” as being that way. CCTV’s all over the UK, yes. This not so much so.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “Would You LoJack Your Child?”

  1. Let me know if I can assist in any way.

  2. I am currently working on an idea to address this very issue and am trying to qualify the take rate on this type of tracking technology that would only be used if the child is kidnapped or lost. Please let me know when it is that each of you feel the most vulerable to having your child disapppear. I am the father of 3 and everytime we are at the mall I have at least one situation where my heart falls through my chest because I can not locate my child. I am sure you all have had that same feeling. That is part of the reason why I am trying to address that fear so if anything does happen, Heaven forbid, I can find them quickly again.

  3. Absolutely without a doubt.

  4. In a heartbeat, I would do this. As you said, when they are 18, they can opt to have it removed. Hell, I would even have this put into myself, so that should I ever dissapear my husband and children could find me!!!

  5. Oh yes… I absolutely would do that.

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