Sexy Fun, How To Spice Things Up

This is just my opinion on what would spice things up. I normally take the soft approach, but let’s get to the naughty side of things.

How do you feel about not wearing anything under a skirt during say a day out? This will drive most guys insane. If you have a skirt and are going out for the day or a night on the town, dont wear any panties. Sit in the car and raise one leg, giving him a slight glimpse. If done right and you have stepped outside of your normal comfort zone, we wont think we saw what we just did. “Naaaa, she doesn’t do things like that.” This question will linger in his head and he will attempt to get another look throughout the night. Try going to a business meeting, looking professional and not wearing panties, better yet. Wear stockings and no panties. One of my personal fantasies.

Things around the house. Let me see. Make dinner in the nude. Do everything as normal just naked. If this isn’t your normal thing. This will get him to turn his head like a puppy, huh?

Out in public. Go the the local mall. Park in the garage far in the back. Get out, go to the rear of the car and proceed to make love. The attraction is that your in public and you might get caught. More daring? Strip down naked and have your mate take pictures of you in public settings. Submit them to Once again it’s the being caught that’s the attraction.

The idea is to try something new. To step out of what you would normally do. Set yourself free, enjoy who you are as a woman. You have no idea how powerful you are. You have something that every man wants and is willing to do anything to get to. Hellen of Troy? Trust me it wasn’t her face that launched a thousand ships.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sexy Fun, How To Spice Things Up”

  1. I know this is an ancient post, but I’m just scanning your blog.

    I convinced a girldfriend to go out with nothing under her skirt (I also went with nothing on under my trousers;). It was very scary for her out — turned out quite windy. But when we got back to our flat we were both insane with lust. Fantastic sex.

    Good place for public-style sex is a wood. Shelter in a forest on a stormy day, …

  2. Hmmm there is something very appealing about the thought of having sex in a public place…

  3. I agree with all of those ;)

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