Digital Camera, The Car, Shear Thong

My wife and I attended the symphony this past Saturday, the ride is about 45 minutes to get there. Before leaving my wife puts on this sexy dress with some lace/shear type of thong. I would have liked nothing as that would have drove me nuts, but she cant do it. So, now that I’ve set the scene. We are riding down the road and she takes the digital camera, takes a few pics of us, me, her. Here comes the good part. She leans back, places her feet on my dash (something I would have killed anyone else for doing) and proceeds to take a few shots. Needless to say, driving at 70 with a raging hard-on wasn’t easy. LOL.

The best part is my wife did this on her own. I didn’t ask. She just felt frisky and went for it. I love that! I’m a freak anyways so it was all good, very good.

I would have loved to go to some public place and have her flash the camera with nothing on under the skirt. Being brave and a little dirty too. Or, go to a parking garage and take shots on the top most (usually empty) parking. Skirt up, nothing under………..  Ok, working myself up now…LOL

So, my readers. Tell me and others. What are some of the daring things you have done that were sexual or naughty?


~ by Frustrated Hubby on October 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Digital Camera, The Car, Shear Thong”

  1. Great response! If thats you in your avatar pic, I would have never guessed. Sorry, but you look like someone that wouldn’t be on the adventurous side. Thats a good thing though, you freaky girl you. LOL

  2. Let’s see. Sex while driving. Oral sex while driving. Sex in an office. Taken sexy photos in a office restroom.

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