The Aftermath…

It was our 5 year aniversery this past weekend. We decided to go to a place called Long Boat Key, west of Sarasota. We arrive to find the Gulf waves larger then what they should be, not a good sign to start.

The Rain
This is where it sucked. It rained late Friday evening and almost all day on Saturday. We did about 45 minutes of walking around the tourist part and that was it. Back to the condo resort within almost no one in it. By this time my adult ADD is kicking in overtime and I’m bored. We spent a good part of the day watching movies on FX. “I could have done this for several hundreds dollars less” This isnt my wifes fault though, she can’t control the weather. Although I did attack her at 4pm whil eour son was asleep.

The sun comes out
Of course, the day we are leaving and the sun comes out. The waves have died down and things are as they should be, figures. We make the normaly 3.5 hour drives back home in 3 hours (I’m driving) to get back to an area, that guess what….you guessed it is RAINING! it rained the rest of the day. Uggghhhh.

Overall I did spending time with my wife and our young son. It would have been nicer if we could have enjoyed it a little more.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on September 24, 2007.

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