Will Travel…Have No Sex

Grrrrr, my wife is going out of town this weekend to see an old friend as well as go to a bridal shower near Atlanta, some 6.5 hours from home. She’s also taking our 2.5 year old, god help her on the ride. A video Ipod loaded up with kids movies should fix that.

I figured last night, Wed would be my only shot to get some loving before she leaves early Friday am. I basicly was told, uhhh no it’s not going to happen tonight. Ok, I thought. I have thursday evening to work my way in there. My wife called this morning to ask a question. She says “your not going to get any tonight either, sorry.” The light bulb goes off, is Aunt Flow here? “Yes, she was knocking on the door last night to. Thats why you didnt get any last night.” I’m thankful that she told me. My head, the one on top keeps telling me now, “You know your not getting any loving till next weekend.” Oh well, I’ve gone longer. I’ll have to wait.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on September 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Will Travel…Have No Sex”

  1. I understand that some enjoy it. Others will even do oral, called “Red Wings” EWWWWWW! If I wanted that much iron in my diet I’ll take a pill.

    I’m not against it by any means. I know it’s natural and the wife and I have made love in the shower, when it was all but about over and I couldn’t tell anything was there.

    For most guys, something within us that controls the “hornyness center” seems to hibernate during this time. We understand it and are willing to live without. But, as soon as we hear that things might be getting back to normal. That center goes into overdrive. It’s making up for lost time.

  2. I love how you have a whole category devoted to Aunt Flow!

    And umm, just FYI, some people, DO do it during Aunt Flow. It’s called using a red towel and then taking a shower after. I hear it relieves cramps as well.

  3. Sorry honey. :(

    Aunt Flow is killing me more then “not getting any” is killing you!!! Always remember that.

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