Why This Blog is Here?

For the new readers. This blog is here for the reason is that when talking to my single friends or co-workers about life, marriage and sex within the marriage. They would get glassy eyed and turn their head like a stumped dog. When speaking to my married friends, they would knod in agreence. I found this interesting. That most married guys were going through the same things in one way or another. This blog was also my form of therapy. A way for me to express how I was feeling, both the good and bad.

I want the blog to be funny yet inetesting to both men and women out there. If through me being honest they could open up some dialog and start to try and understand a little about the other. It is a place so that both men and women can feel that they are not going through things alone. The through reading that myself and others in their comments might be going through the same thing, to find solice in know just that.

This blog is not ment to hurt or toss anyone under the bus. It isnt to show myself as a unhappy husband, it isnt here for me to show myself as a guy that thinks nothing of the person he loves and her needs, wants and dreams. It isnt here to make it seem like all I want is sex from my wife and nothing more. Read some of the past posts to get a better understanding and others comments of who I am.

So, I welcome all of you to my small part of the world and what I share.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on September 13, 2007.

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