He Slept and Alls Well

My son the before mentioned demon spawn went to bed a little early, hell he didn’t sleep the night before. He slept the entire night. Whooo hooo. I fell asleep on the couch and was woken by a kitten curled up in my arm pit area, huh?

Anyways, I look at it’s 3am. Now, the wife has asked that I not come to bed after 2am as it wakes her. This time though waking up my back was hurting. Yup, you guessed it I slide my way into bed trying to be slick.

Wheeww, made it…or at least I thought.

I woke her. She got up a few minutes later to use the restroom. Came back and she didn’t go back to sleep the rest of the morning. I did get pushed several times and asked to roll-over to keep from snoring.

One wins, one loses, at least he slept. This morning he was back to his loving self, wimpering becuase he wanted to sleep and had to get up.

Kids… their so fun…..


~ by Frustrated Hubby on September 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “He Slept and Alls Well”

  1. My husband has sleep apnea and uses a C-PAP machine, he hears NOTHING. So it doesn’t matter to him what time I come to bed. Which lately, hasn’t been happening much with a two month old in the house.

    At least Aidan sleeps…except when he wakes up like at did in the wee hours this morning….

    Hope the wife is able to get some sleep this weekend. I’ve given up getting much…I’ll sleep when I die.

  2. Thank you Frustrated Hubby

    Yes I see you understand what I mean. Some music is breathtaking really

  3. Yup, you woke the wife! Now I have to down the Dr. Pepper to keep awake. Who said my work had to be accurate anyways??

    No more 3am wake up calls!!

    That is unless I don’t have to work the next morning, the son is at grandma’s and I totally benefit!!

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