A 2.5 year old boy…….Need I say more?

Oh my god!! Yesterday was the day from HELL and the demon spawn was our son. I don’t remember naming him Damien but he was acting like it. We kind of had a busy day. He didn’t get a nap. This, as with most kids would cause them to crash with a simple ride in the car. This wasn’t the case by any means.

We sit down to eat dinner at about 6pm and things were ok. We had my “surrogate wife” come over with her 2 daughters for dinner as well. Our son had been terrorizing the new kitten, the big cat, pretty much anything that he could get into he did. The frustration level for both me and mom shot through the roof.

Fast forward to bed time, mommy puts the hellyun down. Some time later on. I’m on the couch watching tv. I see him head towards our room sometime after 12am. I get up to grab him before he wakes mommy. As I get him off the bed the glow of the alarm clock hits my retinas “12:51am”  Shit! I’ve been sleeping in over Labor Day and my body isn’t used to getting back up at 5:30am. Plus, if I don’t get to bed by 2am, mommy has forbid me to come in after that. At this point I can only hope that he goes back to bed quickly and I can slide into bed without waking mom.

Pick him up, take him to his room. Gently lay him down. Go back to our room, slide in……SAFE!    Wait,     Wait,……….. You guessed it. Are you laughing at me yet? I would have by now.  He walks into our room 10 minutes later.  Ugggghhhhh!! I scope him up, take him back to his room and this time lay down with him. This always puts him back to sleep, he feels safe. Daddy’s there etc.

Wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t work this time. He figits till I have not idea. A 2.5 year old doesn’t need a clock so who knows. I get up to go use the restroom on our room…..  5:40am!!!!!!!!!!! You gotta be fucken kidding me!!!     I can hear your laughter from here.  I say fuck it and just start a shower for my day. I got no sleep from 1am on, neither did he. Mom wakes up, starts her day. Guess who pops into the bathroom. Not groggy, but wide awake. Yup, daemon spawn. As if to say “I’m done with you now, you may go.”

We happen to see a show about a woman in the UK that has given birth to 13 kids. After yesterday, lat night and this morning. I would offer to be the first settler on Mars.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on September 4, 2007.

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