Interesting..How To Turn On Your Guy

My “How To Turn On Your Guy” posting has been one of the strongest yet. It always comes up at or near the top when looking at my blog stats. Why is that? What are people wanting to know?

Is it women looking for more information on how to spice up the love life? With that post I was trying to point out that even though us guys are “supposed” to be masculine. We want the same things as you women do.

One of the biggest things I think might be an issue for people is communication. Talk about making love, dont guess about it. Women, please learn to convey to your partner what your looking for and/or want. Most guys dont notice when you cut 1″ off of your hair. Do you really think we’re going to know what you want sexually. Not going to happen. Trust me, there’s nothing more we want to do but give you multiple and the best orgasams you can possibly have. My goal is to make my wife pass out. Might not happen but hey, why not reach right.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 28, 2007.

One Response to “Interesting..How To Turn On Your Guy”

  1. Nope, the passing out is not going to happen! Sorry, just don’t think I want to pass out. Give me all the pleasure but leave the passing out to when I’m sick or something like that.

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