Why do guys get a hard-on in the morning?

My wife has asked this question and I didnt have a good answer. So, I happen to find one.

A reader recently asked why men get morning wood. Healthbolt has the answer:

Erections are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Translation: when a guy is relaxed, erections are most likely. Since you’re often most relaxed upon rising (from sleep), morning wood makes sense. There are a couple of other factors that contribute to morning erections, as well. The bladder fills during the night, and this places pressure on a spinal reflex that can trigger an erection. Certain stages of the sleep cycle also influence the body’s involuntary behavior (ding ding ding). And of course, accidental touch or exposure to particular stimuli can do the trick.

Also, you can listen to these two guys discuss the matter. They do have medical degrees, but they’re not about to let those pesky things get in the way.

Source: Dr. Drew (duh)

~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 27, 2007.

9 Responses to “Why do guys get a hard-on in the morning?”

  1. My husband and I have been married 45 plus years and has never gotten morning wood. In fact he doesn’t get hard any time during the day, I can’t get him up no matter what I do. We did have sex once in 45 years, but that was our first and last all in the same couple of hours.

    • Amy, how the hell have you copeed with that so long? I have 38 yrs on the wedding clock but have managed 2 times a year and that’s caused me depression, self harming and other stuff. I still get morning wood too but she’s gone off to work long before that. Our latest discussion ended with her saying we’re finished when the dog dies and the mortgage is paid off. Broke my heart! any advice from a lady in the same boat would be appreciated! John

  2. Its the morning, the testerone a man rebuilds in his body comes about 20xs faster than it does in women. Thus 1 day to man is 20 days to woman when it comes to sex. So every morning is just another chance to “get it in”. =)

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  4. Angel,

    Is this before or after you’ve gone to the restroom? If its before, well then go. If it’s after, try rubbing one or two out and go from there. If that doesn’t do it, what are you drinking or eating before you got to bed? If that isnt it you have two options.

    One: Make a morning booty call to someone and both people benefit from your morning wood.

    Two: Seek medical help as you could have Priapism. You can find out more info at: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/437237-overview

    Just thought of another one.
    Three: Hire yourself out as a part-time porn actor. Hell, use your wood to your advantage and make a few bucks. Your work hours are from say 8am-10am. Your woods gone, you’ve gotten laid for the day and made some money at the same time.

    I would suggest option 3 it gives you the biggest bang for the buck.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  5. hey people.i am w 38 yr old i have a problem that i need more infomation in the past 2 months i been having morning wood andit is making me have pain it is erected for hours onces i
    start moving then it goes away what do i do l

  6. In general or that day you mean?

  7. so when do you stop having the morning wood?

  8. […] Boys will be boys My son, now at the ripe young age of 2 1/2 (3 in December) has SO discovered his penis.  We (or shall I say he) is way beyond “what’s this”.  That’s your penis son – as I would say; or Your pee pee – as daddy would say.  He so plays with his penis all the time!  My gosh you would think it is a brand new toy – EVERYDAY.  He plays in the bath tub, oh yeah, you give him the soap to wash and it’s like a magnet straight to the penis.  We are in the midst of potty training, so while in his big boy underwear, straight to the magnet trap he goes, again.  I’ve even caught him moving the underwear aside to get, what, a better grip.  I don’t know.  Man is it crazy or what.  Oh, yeah and those morning wake up calls, no not his, mommies.  Yup when I wake him up, he is not the only one up.  I’ve even seem him reach for it in his sleep!  My gosh, what is such the big fascination over it.  It’ll be years before he knows the truth behind the bigger version.  Oh yeah, and to all of you who pose the question “why do guys always have a hard-on first thing in the morning”, your answer lies here. […]

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