Dreams, do you go after yours?

I’m a big fan of following your dreams. There are things in life I would like to do, so and own. Example, my wife and I were going down the road and there is a community that I know of being built. We drove in past the gate to the model. Now this isnt a small model mind you but the $1.4M kind of home with 4600′ under air.

We walk around, looking admiring the house. What we would do if we lived there etc. the sales women comes over, and I have to give her credit. I was wearing cargo short, a t-shirt and flip-flops. Yet, she treated us with the greatest of respect. She took us around to some other homes, the cheapest being $990K. Some of the largest in the community would be in the area of 7800+ sqft!

When done we get back into the Hummer and as we pull out from the community I ask my wife, “Do you know why I do that?” “no” “motivation” was my answer. I want to put my family in a house like that. To give them nice things.

Where I grew up in Silcon Valley as a kid it was alabout what you had. The toys, the finer things in life. That might be wrong but thats the way I am now. It wasn’t about keeping up with the Jones, but surpassing them.

I give a huge amount of credit to those that can “have just enough to get by.” I can’t I have to feel as if I’m always reaching for something just not living. I have to set goals that are just out of my reach, I then figure out a way to get there. I’m motived to have the nice things and by fear. Fear that at any point I could be the guy holding up the sign on the side of the off-ramp.

So, what are your dreams?
Are you following them?
Have you given up on them as so many have, thinking they will never reach them?

Tell about yourself and your dreams.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 27, 2007.

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