Credit where it’s due.

I have to give my wife a HUGE amount of credit. For what? For the way that she was interacting with my daughter this weekend. Allow me to explain. Being that my daughter is not my wifes and as her being the stepmom, she has always treated my daughter differently. In some cases very harsh and cold. My daughter, the 10 year old. Doesnt have any common sense at all. You have to almost tell her everything. Being she is only at our home a few days a month we dont have a lot of time to interact with her and straigten things out.

This past weekend was a car filled weekend for me. Saturday morning from 8am to 1pm I was at a car meet. Sunday I was in Tampa for a German car BBQ. Yes, by the way. I did invite my wife and the kids to come but she declined at the last minute.

She was being a true mom to my daughter this weekend. She didnt get frustrated as she normaly would with her. She was loving, caring and in general a mom. It didnt seem like there was the “I’m only your stepmom” thing happening. Sunday I found out the played together and had a great time.

In taking my daughter home, she gets out of the car and tells me she had a great time this weekend and that her and mom BONDED! I was SO pleased!!  I was thinking that without me being there my daughter was going to get hammered and there wouldnt be any one there to shield her. That wasn’t the case and I was glad for it.

So, once again I have to say Thank You Honey for this weekend.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Credit where it’s due.”

  1. WTG to your wife. Being a step parent can’t be easy…nor being a stepchild

  2. No problem. It is hard sometimes, everything that is in the “mix” and when PMS kicks in I don’t realize it. Think the doc needs to check me out for PMDD too…

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