Should I Go?

I’m an Instructional Designer with a creative background spanning 12+ years. I have been researching overseas jobs recently. The reason is that I had a recruiter call me as they do about every two weeks or so. This one offered me a position for $240,000 for a year long contract with no federal taxes taken out. I said no as my family was most important to me. It was also based on a base in Iraq!!

I came home, told my wife about the offer. She asked what I said. I turned it down. You guys are most important and the time away would kill me. She, being a person that deals with money on a daily basis brought up a good point. That amount of money would allow me to pay off our home and have almost no personal debt by the time I would have gotten home. The long term financial benefits for the entire family far outweighed the short term.

She said jokingly that she would also take out a nice police that if something happened she would be ok. I said to make it a good one. At least $5M, if your going to get paid, get paid well. We left it as that and that was it.

I was doing some research and found out that in India (no wars there) that an ID (Instructional Designer) gets paid at a min of $10,000 – $60,000 per month US.


I was surprised. This also isnt from small little companies in India but those the likes of IBM, Deloite and others. They want American trained ID’s to work with their teams there developing training solutions.

Lets take one of the higher ones. At $60,000 monthly, I could pay off my home in 6 months. At 8 months we would have NO outstanding personal debt. After a year, when I got home anything made would be extra. We could start to live for the future instead of the right now. I could pay off bills in a year that would take me 15 years to pay off.

So, I’m looking to see other positions and contact some of the companies. We’ll see what happens.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Should I Go?”

  1. ….to Iraq? That’s a tough one! On the base you should be ok, but there is a reason they are paying 1/4 mill. per annum – danger money!!!

    India – now that is an opportunity. Take the family with you – an adventure like that should be shared and your whole family would gain from the experience.

    Besides, getting away from everyday life for a year or so may be something that helps you and the missus forget the bad stuff. It would be a very exciting trip, and on that kind of money you would live like kings. You should definitely go to India, but take the family too – the relocation and expat package from an IBM or a Deloite would be phenomenal and it would be time you would never forget!

  2. In answer to the “Should I go?” question… Hell, yes!

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