Life Can Be Good

Things over the past several months have been going good overall between my wife and myself. What I mean by that is that she seems to be not as angry all the time at everything. This may be in part to her seeking and now going to counseling, the start of the process of bringing her father to justice, her blog that has given her a platform and a voice to let feelings out and her having gained a girl friend (surrogate wife) to me that can emphathize with her, as she went through the same things.

The daily anger that she carried with her seems to have subsided. It’s not totally gone, just redirected at when I havent done what I am supposed to. The other week was a litte rough, but then again Aunt Flow was here.

I’m a car kinda guy and this upcoming weekend is filled with car stuff. A Saturday morning meet at 8am till 12. Sunday is a BBQ, get together at a park some 2 hours from the house. She’ll stay home on sat but the whole family will come with me on Sunday. It should be a nice time for all. Like anyone, a little more income, a little more loving would be nice, but overall things are great.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 22, 2007.

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