Breaking News!!! Streak Broken!!

Whoooo, Hoooooo!!

You know what I got last night!!
It was an interesting weekend. One with highs and lows. My 2.5 year old son was pushing both of our limits at times. My 10 year old daughter feel from her scooter and broke her wrist on Sunday at 3:30pm. From the outside it looked a little swollen but not fractured. I took her home to her mothers at 5pm, let her know to watch it and if need to to call me. Well, I’m looking to make some moves on my wife as gently as possible and the phone rings. Uggghhh! I for a split second started to think that some higher power didn’t want me to make love to my wife.

It was my daugthers mother, “Yup, it’s broke. I need you to help financially.” Uhhh, ok. Shes covered under our medical.  My wife gets dressed and we head over to the hospital (ER) emergency room. After 45 minutes and things where ok. We get back home. I put the little one to bed, he’s so out of it, he doesnt wake up at all during the transfer from car seat to bed. I go into our bedroom and lie down next to my wife. She has the body pillow between her legs. My cue to not try anything, the gate is up.

I gently kiss her and walk out. I needed to finish some laundry anyways. After dealing with the laundry I go to the office and start reading some car blog. After 20 minutes my wife comes out. “I can’t sleep”  I sit in my chair looking at her with a blank look on my face. I must have looked like a dog when you ask them a question and they just turn their head, HUH?

After about 45 seconds I understand what the cue was. “I can’t get to sleep, so this is your opportunity to make love to me.”  She turned and I followed like a moth to a moving 1000 watt light bulb.

No, I didnt just attack her. I started off passionately kissing her, caressing her etc. I’m just not captain cave man ya know.

Fourty-five minutes later things were done and she now states she can go to sleep. If I was used for the sake of sleep. That’s ok with me. I’m always willing to help. I didnt get up right away. I layed there, touched her. Told her that I loved her. I would have stayed and went to bed but I had laundry to finish up for this week at the office.

So, for now the threat of spontaneous combustion has been averted.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 13, 2007.

One Response to “Breaking News!!! Streak Broken!!”

  1. Sometimes the slowest hare wins the race! I think it is a wonderful thing to be so in tuned to your wife’s feelings as to know when not to push. I of course have to read more here to get the whole picture…

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