Ok, it’s saturday morning, sitting at the Hummer dealer waiting for service and all I can think about is making love to my wife. I know with what she is going through that must sound horrible but it’s being honest. I so want to make love to her. I wish, oh I wish she would wear some thigh-highs. I know it’s a dream and wont happen but….

We’ll see what happens later this evening.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Week 5, GOING TO EXPLODE!!”

  1. Maybe you should consentrate less on not getting any and more on why are you not getting any. Sometimes women (me) would love it when I do give a back rub or getting one feel under no pressure to have sex. I did read some of your blog and everything you or you want your wife to do MUST lead to sex. It is a turn off to feel that sex is expected after doing something nice for the other one. It is also a turn off when initiating sex always starts the same way. I love to initiate sex but if I get told how and how long and what to do all the time only to please the other persone and when his done it is all over, finished.. I feel empty, alone and FRUSTRATED. I want to feel loved when making love and that my needs are just as important as his. So why initiate sex or have sex at all if you get nothing out of it.

  2. 5 weeks.! As much as I completely understand your wife’s feelings and why she doesn’t seem to be able to, I do feel for you too. I hope you guys get to work on this and that you will both be happy and conetent

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