My Wifes Abuser Gets Off Free!!!

Well, a quick update on my wife and the filing of the police report against her father. The limitations have run out. Excuse my French but Fuck!! That sucks for the person that ha this shit happen to them. The abuser gets a free pass. If there had been penetration then they could move forward. This is where my wife and I differ.

She wants closeur and vindication for what happened. I want that for her as well. I suggested that she lie in order to get that. She would know yes. But she would also know that he might not do it to anyone else. She also recently found out from her mother that he was fired from the police department for pulling atractive women over and asking for “favors” in order to not be given a ticket. What a fucken scum bag. Sorry for the language but it pisses me off. I love my wife, but I have to deal with the shit that he did and left behind.

She wont lie and I can respect her for that. I really can. I look at it this way. He took something that she will never be able to get back. A lie at this point would serve the greater good then bad.

She is now thinking of brining up a civil suit against him. We’ll see what happens with that. If she cant put him in jail, then hurt his wallet. Donate the money to a abuse and victims group. Start a foundation for other abused women and men. Whatever it takes to start to make him pay for what he’s done.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 11, 2007.

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