Sex, It Isn’t Nasty

Well, if any of you have been following my wife has filed paperwork against her father. Due to this I have not applied any pressure about making love. She has also been in a weird mood, I guess to be expected with everything that’s going on.

Although, Saturday night she was going to bed. I slide in next to her. I guess my indication was the body pillow she was placing between us. (I hate that damn thing just for that reason.) So, I said “just give me a kiss, going on 4 weeks.” This was my way of clearly saying I’m not happy nd thats it. I didnt act like an ass, I just left the room.

Sunday night, she says shes going to bed and asks me to lay down with her for a bit. This time the pillow is not being placed between us. Now, I know this is going to seem weird for me. But, I knew this was a ploy to make love. Did I? Nope! to my own frustration. Allow me to explain.

I wanted her to want to make love to me. Not to feel guilty for shooting me down Saturday night and now on Sunday just giving in, which is what it would have been. I layed there. Not doing anything. After she got the hint. (which I know didnt bother her in the least bit, about not making love) I gave her a kiss and just got up. Some might see it as playing games. It wasn’t, I wanted to be with my wife because she wanted to be with me. Not because she was giving in.

So, I go out to the living room, all the while thinking I could just go back in and get what I really wanted and that would be it. But, my wife has had enough people “take” from her and not think of her at all. I want to be different. Becuase of what happened to her sex is not fun nor is it something she wants to do really. To her it’s something nasty and wrong. I can understand that.

She told me over the weekend that she is having to learn that’s not the case and re-train and re-think what sex is about. She understands that sex with her husband should be fun and something she wants to do and enjoy. Right now she just cant.

So, in the meantime I go blind (old tale that if you masturbate to much you’ll go blind) just a little more and hoprfully she has a sexual awakening. Man, I can’t wait for that!!


~ by Frustrated Hubby on August 6, 2007.

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