About Me…

I figured some of you might want to know a little more about me. I was born in California and raised in Silicon Valley. My father was in law enforcement most of his life as well as being a dreamer (more on that later). My mother, was from the south and moved to CA after having 3 kids in FL, where I presently am.

Life at home 
For me things couldn’t be nicer. I was a kid and all I had to do was be a kid. I didn’t have any chores, yet still got an allowance. My mother used to pick up after me. Wash clothes, take care of the house and worked a full time 40hr week job in electronics. My father was the one to fear upon arrival to the house. I was a latch-key-kid as I would get off the bus and home before everyone else. My father gave this air of “walk on egg shells” when he’s home. My mother was the one that obeyed and didn’t speak up to much from what I can remember. I got the toys I wanted. I got to go play. I got money when I wanted. As a kid I had everything I wanted. Spoiled, yeah…

Have a Drink
My father was an alcoholic almost until his passing about a year ago. He could drink several Bacardi and Cokes and be fine. When asked, as a kid during summer BBQ’s I would even put in an extra shot thinking it was funny. He would say it was strong, yet drink it anyways. I wasn’t helping the situation but at 8 didn’t know I was making things worse. I can remember several times seeing my father passed out on the couch, at a park or at some other persons house we were at. I know it was being passed out now, but not then. I can recall one time that I had seen my father get into a fight with my mother and pick her up with one hand on her throat and place her on the wall a foot up. Like what you would see in a scary movie. Aside from that no other times.

My Choice
When I was young, 16 I made the choice to never have a drink. To be different then my father had been to me and my mother. To be free in a sense that I could speak my mind as well as the person around me. To share feelings and allow them to be free. To be able to cry and still be a man. To play with my kids, catch, soccer etc. Unlike my father did with me.”It wasn’t his thing” To take my kids camping, to see the eagerness on their faces when young and the look of “oh god not another family camping trip” when they get older. So at the age of 36, “I HAVE NEVER HAD A DRINK OF ANYTHING!” I’m not saying my father was this bad horrible guy, he just didnt interact in the best way possible. I’m having to learn how to be the dad I wanted.

So, a little bit about me and where I come from and who I am.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 25, 2007.

One Response to “About Me…”

  1. I know what it feels like to base your fathering skills on all the things your own father didn’t do. Unfortunately right now I seem to falling into the trap of the bad things he did do.

    Thanks for this post – it is interesting to learn a little more about you, and has provoked some thoughts in me.

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