The Visit, Part…I Dunno

Yeah, you guessed it based on the title, Aunt Flow is here. Damn thing is that my wife was open to making love on Friday night. But, she fell asleep. DAMN!!  LOL just my luck. I look forward to sat night and she tells me the news. You feel kinda like a kid at Christmas. You look forward to it and just as it gets there, something comes up.

Oh well, it happens right. but, my wife did something that was new. She mentioned that she might be emotional over the weekend. HUH? as I turn my head like a puppy. My wife has never before hand told me this in 9 years. I just get the “deal with it look”

So, I’ll have to wait till Aunt Flow leaves. It’s all ok though.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 23, 2007.

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