For the MOM’s….

Ok, Moms. We have a 2.5 year old that one doesnt like to sit down and eat dinner and two come sinto bed with us anywhere from 1am to 4am.

Sleeping, Why does our bed seem so much better to go to sleep in then his? I know this will sound wrong but I blame a little of it on mom. I know, I know….  (waits for evil looks at screen) The reason I say that is that when our son was younger, it was easier for mom to just scoop him up and place him in the middle then get up and take him back to bed. To me this created a monster. I’ve seen this boy sleep walk into our room and climb into the bed.

Go To Bed!
My way of dealing with it is to, in a commanding voice to “go back to bed”. To say the least this pisses mom off. We get up early and he has stayed awake up to 2.5 hours in some cases. Grrrrr…

Ideas? Moms is to do it nicely. Spend 30 min, then 20, then 10 etc. Mine is to lay down with him for a bit. I get up if I think he’s out. If he gets up and I see him come out of his bedroom I tell him to go back to sleep. I’ve found out that after about 6-8 times of doing this he falls asleep.


Yeah, these are fun too at home. Mom and I have made it a point to sit at the table and eat as a family. Not in the living room with a plate in the lap. Our son likes to get up and roam, stopping back by for bits here and there. Drive by eating. He has gone into these crying fits that only another parent can understand, that make you want to climb the wall. Ideas on keeping him in his seat. Mine is duc tape and/or epoxy. I can keep anything in it place with epoxy.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “For the MOM’s….”

  1. That is a toughy. My kids are now 9 and 5 now. We never let them sleep in our room after breastfeeding and having to feed at all times of night was over. Even when sick. We had times when we lived with a family member and had to all sleep(3 out of 4) in the same bed. That was tough. You can only take so many kicks, and beatings from an unconscious child. Yes they were wild sleepers. So the point is they never got used to sleeping with us, outside of a short few weeks or on vacation. I agree with SurrogateWife on this one. It will be tough, but your child will benefit greatly(and so MIGHT you, wink wink).

    Maybe try some kind of reward system for your baby when he/she sits at the table for dinner. Surely none of us are perfect and have things we would do differently. You know your child better than anyone. The solution will come to you whether it’s time or something else.

    Best of Luck,


  2. LOL, the wife arrived…

    yes, this is true. Dont take me wrong. I’m not saying the way it’s being done is incorrect. We just take different approaches. I wanted to gain some insight as to what others thought.

  3. Also, please know that the whole bed thing started while “daddy” was out of town (not his fault) and child became extremely ill. Therefore, child sleeping with mommy became a necessity to be able to immediately take care of him when he became ill (throwing up from the core of his body and not entirely being able to expel the mucus – every 15 minutes for 1 – 2 hours) at 2AM. While this went on for a complete week. The second week daddy was home and had the unfortunate displeasure of the entire experience too. Yes, after this the habit set in, however attempts are made to correct as best as possible.

  4. Allow me to explain. I stay up late, very late. I go to bed at 1 – 2am. Thus, when my son would get up from bed I would deal with it 90% of the time. This past Sunday is one of the very few times that she has had to deal with him. Most of the time she would scoop him up as it was easier for her, then getting up and putting him back to bed. Most of the time I would be in the office at the front of the house and not realize he had gotten up, until I was going to bed. There have been times she has gotten a full nights sleep while I delt with him till 4am.

  5. I’m going with Dad on the middle of the night issue. You have to put him back in his bed, even if he cries, and make him stay there. It takes longer to break the habit than it does to form it, so it won’t happen overnight (literally) but it has to be done even though listening to the crying hurts us (the moms) so much! It was the hardest thing I had to go through with my youngest daughter, even harder than weaning from breastfeeding, which they say is pretty hard. The key is consistency. If you let up one night of four, it will take 3 times as long to correct.
    Let’s just deal with the bedtime stuff first and worry about drive-thru dining another month. If you try to do both, it will traumatize the baby and mom both too much!
    One step at a time…

  6. Okay, let’s tackle the dinners first lol Easier. What age is he? If under 3 I would let him walk and eat…makes no difference as long as he gets the food right? After that they are old enough to understand that they must sit still and eat.

    Well..since your wife was the one to get up with him in the first place, I can’t see that you have the right to critize her :) I don’t like sleeping alone so why should my kids? Sorry but I’m on your wife’s side it seems!

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