Can we huh? Can we?

Today and this weekend should be interesting. For starters today is the day my wife calls a detective and a report is filed about the things her father did to her. This is of course going to draw up some nasty memories. My only though is though, she is going to hold some of it back. Why? A small sense of protecting herself from the memories and a very little bit for her father. She needs to let it go and let the right people know what wasd done. i’m also afraid the DA wont take it any further, it gets dropped and she doesnt get the vindication she has always been looking for.

Being Selfish…
Yeah, besides all of that I just hope i get to get some lovin this weekend. I know she has to do what she has to do, but does it have to mess with me getting some? I know, sounds like an asshole. Reading it it sounds that way, but I’m being honest. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. I’ll keep you posted.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 13, 2007.

6 Responses to “Can we huh? Can we?”

  1. Thank you.

  2. You did a good job this weekend! I’m proud of you for your honesty in this blog and as Another Furstradted1 said.. for you men, anytime is a good time. For us past abused women, the stars have to be aligned in the correct pattern before we’re ready. :-)I’m also proud of you for standing by her through this rough time and being patient sexually. You’re a good hubby.

  3. Why is it that women think we think with “the little head?” First and foremost I am there for her in this time of need. My sexual appetite can wait. There is a thing of know what I want to do, as far as being there for her, and theres the wanting to make love. In this case my horniness level can turn itself down as “my brain and heart” no where near the lower half of my body by the way says I should. Am I willing to skip it? Of course. I might have my wants but ladies, please understand that I will NOT place any pressure on my wife at this point in time. I have been dealing with this very issue and the outer ripple effects it has caused for 9 years. Why should one more weekend be any different. While I do understand your concern and standpoint please dont take my post as it was something I was going to pressure her into doing. That’s not what I want and is evident within this blog.

  4. Hey….this is not the time to be thinking with your “little” head. She needs you to be there for her emotionaly. Put aside your selfish wants for the weekend. Ditto to what Supermom said!!!!

  5. Coming from someone who was sexually abused too…I think this weekend would be good for you to take the backseat..just let it be…I think puttig pressuee on her will just cause you harm in the long run. I could be wrong though…maybe standing up finally gives her the power to feel in control..and ultimately that is all we want. To be in control and not be ‘forced’

  6. I hope things work out for you all one way or the other.

    I feel you on the lovin part. You know how we men are. There’s never a bad time for lovin. It’s 90 degrees in the house, ac’s not working and we want lovin. It’s 55 degrees in the house, the furnace went out- we want some lovin. Work is stressing us out- we want loving for stress relief. How about a Nooner just because, often? Just worked out, how about some lovin? Kids are never an excuse for us(men). Like in a hotel room. 2am’s good for me when they’re sleep. After all if it’s not a 2 bedroom suite, the bathroom works just fine. Whatever whenever. I could go on and on.

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