Sex, With Only One Person?

I put this under fantasies as I know it wont happen. I’ve been in relationships in the past where there were multiple partners. Myself and two women and an experience with myself, a male friend (not messing with me) and a female.

I’ve noticed that women tie sex and love together, when most men can see them as seperates. Is that wrong?

The Shocker
I would love to see my wife with another guy, a long with me there. As long as I know about it. As long as it was agreed upon by all parties to be upfront and open. My wife and/or I have the right to tell the other guy it’s done and that be it. I know to women that probably sounds really bad but hey, that’s why its a fantasy right.

See women, guys can seperate love i.e. “making love” to just skin-on-skin sex for fun. From a guy to a guy as well there is a respect thing. What I mean by that is that as long as we know it’s going on. Right in front of our face then we dont feel it’s cheating. How could it be? We know it’s happening. Now, get sneaky about it. Have a guy over and leave before your hubby gets home and that’s a totally different story altogether.

I guess i’m just a freak, my wife has called me as much. It’s ok, I can live with that.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Sex, With Only One Person?”

  1. I have been in this situation before just not with my wife. Men can seperate love and just physical fun. For us it’s like going on a roller coaster that’s extremely fun. You want to get off and ride it again.

    One thing, it wont be a one time thing. See us guys will say that just to get you to try it. If you dont lke it we’ll let it go from there and just live with the video we will keep replaying in our heads about that “one time” If we think it was ok with you then be prepared to get asked to do it again or go to a swingers club. It seems that this is where he is heading with this, its up to you to let it go there.

    Also remember that it’s just not about what he wants. It’s also just not about you making him happy either. It has to be a two way street or it doesnt work.

    Also, us guys are weird. With me, if I know that another guy was going to be with my wife and I was there it would be ok. Make it sneaky and that’s when I would have an issue with it. There is also an invisable “respect” thing happening between your guy and the “other” guy. The other guy HAS to know that if guy 1 says “hey dude, it was fun but this isnt going to continue.” Guy 2 had better back off and leave the scene. I know, weird. It’s a “thats my punani” thing with us guys.

    What do you want? Do you want to be with two guys at the same time? Not to be rude but dont be shocked if your riding either guy ontop and the other tries to also get in the “back door” at the same time. you might find something new and enjoy it, then again you might not.

    I would say think about what YOU want. Dont do it to make HIM happy but to make the both of you happy. Also, think of it as just sexual fun and nothing more. Go on like a date with the other person first. Go to dinner, a club, some drinks etc. If you dont like the vibe your getting, dont go back home, simple. one thing that YOU need to remember is that YOU control the situation at all times. Empower yourself in this situation.

    Also, remember to have fun at all times. Dont associate what your doing with more emotions beyond the event. For a guy there wont be any “love” type of emotions beyond that evening.

    Oh, a tip. Find someone YOU know as a women for the BOTH of you. Dont allow him to pick her. He might suggest this hot girl from work that he’ll be around all the time after the event, bad mojo.

    I know some women that find it fun to bring someone home for herself and her husband to play with. I know women that bring someone how for her to play with and he has to watch. When done the other women goes home and the wife benefits from all the pent up hormones.

    Good luck and let me know how it turns out. I can only dream about it and thus I’ll live through your adventure.

  2. I have never been to this site but I was looking for ways to keep things fun. I have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year and we have a great relationship in and out of the bedroom. He has mentioned that he thought it would be fun to bring someone else into the bedroom at one point just as a way to add variety, either man or women just a one time thing. I guess I have really mixed feelings, the emotional side of me sais what if after that things change between us and he is always thinking of the other women what if it changes his feelings for me. So tell me guys if you are really in love with a women and you bring someone else in for a fun night of sex would it change how you felt about the women that you are in love with? I want to be open and I want to make all his fantasies come true I just also want to know that I am who he wants to share things with and that this would not hurt our realationship. O and on the subject of if it was another man of course the man would not be with him he sais he would love to watch me suck another mans cock does that sort of thing really turn you guys on? I am very sexual and would be afraid to enjoy the sex with the other man out of not wanting to hurt my man.Please help me understand how you men think I wanty to keep the spice and variety in our life and I can see how it could be fun if emotions are left out of it.

  3. Well. I think you are wrong that a lot of women don’t separate sex and love. I did a lot of the latter without falling in love or for that matter, WANTING to fall in love. I think that if you have someone who is in complete understanding about the swinger situation, then that is not cheating. And as you noted, sneaking around the back is quite another story. It’s only cheating when one of the parties don’t know about it. In the eyes of the general public though, well, that’s another story…

  4. WOW! that is good for you 2 days in a row. Congrats.
    I dont know where I go my take on love and sex. To me they are tied together to the one you love, i.e. my wife yet, can also be seperated as well as long as it’s agreed upon.To me it would be fun. I’ve also had the opportunity to be in those situations where multiple people are involved. Just more fun.
    oh well.

  5. Just checking in. My last luck day was July 1st. I actually got it 2 days in a row. Again, not that she was actually the one who initiated or not that she seemed to be into it. But after being on the road for 2 weeks, I was gonna get some or else.

    Speaking of which, my co-workers that work longer on site have out of state girlfriends even though they’re married. Maybe on-site girlfriends would be more accurate. Anyway, it’s sure hard listening to their escapades, when I have to go back to my hotel room and Master my Domain.

    Instead of fireworks on the 4th, Aunt Flow came :( Oh well, I have to hit the road again for another 2 weeks. I’m a techy as well(as you may be able to tell from my choppy writing, English was never my best subject).

    That is a shocker. I’m different there. I could never imagine or want my Wife to be with another Man sexually in any capacity. I also tie sex to love. Don’t get me wrong though, with the frustration I’ve suffered I’ve definitely thought about extra marital loving, but it’s only been a thought. I always think about how it would feel from the other perspective.

    If my Wife would satisfy me, I would never look for it elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I did/do have the man fantasy of a Menage-a-Trois, Quatre, Cinq(1 male, X females)…. I never had that experience. Of course now that I’m married, I don’t foresee that ever happening(and that’s okay).

    But hey if someone has an open marriage and a Wife and/or Husband that likes to swing, more power to you. I’m sure they have lots of fun.


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