4th of No Sex

Ok, so yesterday was the 4th. I would guess that most people got some last night. Not Me! My wife then proceeds to tell me that if I had tried the night before then I would have gotten lucky. Allow me to explain.

For some readon I was really tired and was falling a sleep in the chair in the living room. At about 10 or so my wife makes an announcement that we should all go to bed. Kids, cat, fish everybody. I take myself to bed, climb in and proceed to fall asleep. Now, I’ve been groomed to not even bother to try and make a play for sex during the week as I know I’ll get show down like a duck during hunting season with 500 hunters below me. (had to paint the picture) 

I am now told that if I had tried it would have worked!! Uhhhh, WAKE ME UP. Trust me. You give me the smallest little indication and thats all thats needed to spark the fuse. I can take it the rest of the way. Women, side note. In a real bad life-ending natural disaster, oh I dont know, like a metor is going to hit Earth in an hour. TRUST ME! We are going to want to go out making love. ***Bang!*** Then you get a 5 miles wide metor up your butt at the same time.

So, do us guys a favor please. If we could have gotten some last night. Dont tell us the day after! Let us know that night so we can take full advantage of your willingness at that exact time. Telling us a day later that we could have gotten laid the previous night just pisses us off for a little bit.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 5, 2007.

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