Moving Forward…

There is good news!! As you may or may not know my wife has started to speak to a professional about the things that have happened in her past. I have also noticed a side effect. It seems as if my wife has less tension. She is also learning to communicate better and more effectivly as well. Communication has always been something difficult for her as it was the norm told “hold it in” as she grew up.

I give her the biggest praise ans upport as she does this, it has drug up some bad memories.

After reading my blog, my wife has also started her own. I had expressed that it gave me an outlet as well as others that feel the same way. To not have that “hold it in” type of stance towards feelings anymore.

My wife has launched her own blog feel free to drop by and say hello. I commend her for taking these steps and will stand by her as she takes each one.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 3, 2007.

One Response to “Moving Forward…”

  1. This is great news – professional counselling helped my wife enormously as it allowed her to deal with alot of the things that happened to her when she was a child, and it brought about the most incredible positive changes for her.

    It does dig up alot of stuff along the way, but the ultimate outcome is more than worth it.

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