This weekend went well. Towards the end of last week things were, or what seemed getting a little short. We had spoken earlier in the week and in doing so cleared up somethings. I have learned to ask her of it is something on the outside or me that has gotten her frustrated or upset. I did this and it worked like a charm. I got an answer and realized it wasn’t me. This took pressure off of me and eased the tension I had been feeling.

I was going to head out on Sat night to go pick up some fireworks for the 4th. Well, it was mentioned that if I do she would be asleep when I got back and that the “No Booty” flag would be rasied as I couldn’t wake her up either. So, the fireworks were not picked up. I stayed home and we both got some good lovin. She multiple times and me releasing what was built up from the middle of the week.

Things went well overall. A little tension due to my 10 year old daughter being over and not having ANY common sense. but, that past a little as well. This weekend went well overall. Nobody pissed off an everyone got what they wanted.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on July 2, 2007.

One Response to “TaDa!!!”

  1. Hey!! Good for you (and her by the sounds of it)!! You obviously made your own kind of fireworks – shows what the Chinese know!

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