SHIT! Out in the First Round.

Like normal I feel asleep on the couch again. My cut off time is 2am due to my wife getting up early. It’s understandable that I may wake her an she can’t get back to sleep so it doesn’t bother me. Well, last night I was feeling a little pent up. So, I decided to go a little more blind and let some of the frustration out.

A Few Hours Later…Uhhhh 6:30am 
My wife comes over to the couch and proceeds to rub on me and wake me. She’s in the mood and making a play! This is during the week and prior to work mind you! We start, she reaches climax and now it’s my turn. I start and go for about 10 minutes strong. Then, POOF! Any energy I had is exhausted. It didnt help that only 5 hours previous I decided to take care of myself. I was spent! Piss me off. I didnt let it show as it wasnt her fault by any means, just the opposite.

So, my wife instigates for one of the very rare times, then I cant finish. I dont feel bad now really at all. I think back at all the times when the situation was reversed, so it’s fair for this one time.

Just like a champ boxer though that got knocked out in the first round. I’m looking for a rematch and as soon as possible. It was one of those fluke things and not what is to come as a normal thing.

By the way I asked my wife what sparked this. She said she just woke up horny. She has had sexual dreams like this in the past and when she wakes shes in the mood. Now, if I can figure out how to implant these damn dreams….


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “SHIT! Out in the First Round.”

  1. See, us guys just want to know what it is and how we can continue to pump it into the house. Interesting thing though. We stay in contact with each other throughout the day via IM. She is still horny!! My only fear now is that it will wear off by the time everyone gets home. So, I’ll be ready to play in the game but no one else will be on the field.

  2. True that it seems weird when a man doesn’t climax yet women will easily just let it be. I think it’s going to be fun reading your blog ;) Thanks for commenting on mine. There must be something in the air as last night was one of the very few times that i have instigated sex too

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