Sex and Tech, Why they dont get along.

Being a tech geek. I’ve been designing and developing for the net for well over 10 years now. Tech and the net constantly force you to learn or get left behind. It also doesnt help when you see X company that just got sold to Y company for $500M either. This leads you to try and think of the “Next Big Thing” that one thing where your not following others but they are following you.

This leads to an issue of where to place your focus. On your dreams of being the next big hit, or getting some booty that right in the next room? Now, most guys will think they can just run in the next room, get some and back to the office till 3am. That would work if you also had to give her $200 too. In reality that is going to fly with the wife or girlfriend like a lead balloon, if not the first time then it will on the 2nd.

Try and make time for that other person. If you dont your going to find yourself a lonely, albeit rich techy.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 26, 2007.

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