How to Turn on Your Guy.

This one is for the women,

Contrary to what you might think, ok it is exactly what you think. We are easy to turn on and hard to turn off. But, we also like some of the same things you do.

  • Give us a backrub without us asking for it.
  • Wear something sexy to bed. No being naked doesnt cut it. Seeing you day in and day out getting out of the shower naked doesnt exude sexy to us after a bit.
  • Go to Victoria Sectret, buy him a gift card. Put it somewhere he will find it in the am just heading out to work, with a note “Take me to the nearest Victoria Secret, buy what you want and it will get put on this evening.” You have no idea how fast he’ll get to the nearest mall and do just that after work. Arrriibbbaaaa, Arrrriiibbbaaaa.
  • Touch us on the arm or leg, make us feel wanted.
  • Ask him what one of his realistic fantasies is. Then try and make it come true. You also might want to let him know this isnt going to be the norm as we will take it as such, I know Duhh but we cant help it. Also, your not willing to fulfill the one with him and 3 friends either. Unless your into that, in that case god bless you. Your a FREAK and a good one at that.
  • Take a step outside of your comfort zone. We know what it is if we’ve been with you long enough. We see that your stepping outside of that, we take it as a sign of love that your willing to try something new. Mom’s, you always tell kids to try something before they make a judgement if they like it or not……………

Thats my little post about just a few things on what you could do to make your guy go nuts. It all just isnt about sex but also leading up to sex. once you start though yo cant suddenly get a headache. If you really do have one and this has been building up all day for us. You just have to take one for the team, fair is fair.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 26, 2007.

15 Responses to “How to Turn on Your Guy.”

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  2. In my experience the Nice Guy never gets the sex, he gets the bills, and the responsibility. The tattood biker boys get the sex, So just Fuck her once in a while, like a Bad Boy would, Sure it will shock her, but she just might like it, Remember Gone With the Wind: That scene where Rett carries what´s her name upstairs is what makes women wet. She doesn´t want the responsibility, she wants to be wanted like that. No, not roughly like in porn, romantically, but In control. Try it and tell us how it goes.

  3. Just fuck her like a Bad Boy would. Forget the Nice Guy stuff, just fuck her. She might like it, It takes the responsibility away from her. She doesn´t have to feel like she is doing something forbidden, she isn´t in control anymore.

  4. Kent,

    I agree. Why is it that “if” we do all of this and that; we “might” get rewarded? You’ve done everything that you think you need to do in order to make “her” happy. How hard is it to make US, the husbands a little happy? Just some great sex, that yes, are into as well.

    It all feels one sided. What can you do for her…

  5. Welcome to my world people. Christian, hard working,educated, honest, faithful, mature and resonsible. I take the boys to games 4-6 times a week, coach, school, church and yard work and the rest of the handy Jake stuff. I help clean, laundry, sweep, you name it I have done it. If I am LUCKY, I get sex MAYBE once every three months. I am sick and tired of the BS wives use. I am just about ready to call it quits. I am being used emotionally, physically and financially. I figured it out. If I leave, I have to pay $1K per month child care. I could live like a king and get all the sex I want for just a meal and a smile, why not? Women use sex as the only tool in their arsenal left and I am just tired of it. I think men have given in too much lately and it is time this man, becomes a man with you know what! So, gotta go and leave this girl thinking, why did I let a good guy go? Because of a little sex once in a while. Good bye lady and just see how hard it is to get a real good man!

  6. Jamie,

    While I do agree that both parties need to do something for the other. I find this part interesting

    “HE should make sure she is feeling cared for and loved and most of all, appreciated!”

    Dont you think that a guy wants the same thing? Every where you see or read it’s always what the GUY can do for her. How he could do XYZ, most of them are the chores around the house. I’m NOT saying that the woman of the house HAS to do the chores around the house either, but why is it what us guys can do?

    Would you expect for him after years of being served up the same thing be excited to see you in a big t-shirt or something else less appealing? The same goes for him as well. Once again, BOTH have to make an effort.

    I can tell you an interesting observation. A hubby should just have a sign that says “Will Work for Sex” I mean, after doing what he does around the house, providing he does anything at all. Then doing her work, to make things easier on her. He feels like he was hired to do a job. Also, I’ve come to find out that by doing the “work/chores” that always doesn’t lead to sex. In a guys mind…then why bother? if we do something to take stress or whatever off your mind or back. Trust me, we want to be rewarded.

  7. I think that the GUY should be putting some of his energies into being sexy- he should dress hot- really be there for her- He could make the dinner and clean up- and HE should make sure she is feeling cared for and loved and most of all, appreciated! He can make more effort to be HOT and tempting to her!!

  8. I could not agree with you more! You have to at least TRY to spice things up a bit. I think your tips are right on. I would add that she should also make it a point to tidy up some of the landscaping and (if she stays at home all day) put on a little make-up and fix her hair from time to time. I always hope to come home and see her cooking our favorite meal in nothing but an apron and high-heels (and about two glasses into a bottle of Merlot).

  9. Oh dear. The Crusader seems to be feeling somewhat embittered and a tad resentful, and it’s understandable. From his perspective, we women are premeditatively doling out and dosifying the sex, and possibly enjoying the sense of power this gives us. I can see how it might seem this way, but it’s usually not. The simple fact is that most women (especially those with jobs and children… it’s exhaustion and hormone-related), just don’t want sex as much as their husbands do, and indeed it’s much harder for them to start feeling turned-on (hence, the special demands when sex does occur). So it’s not as Machiavellian as it seems. Women have married sex when they CAN, which means when they are feeling energetic, relaxed, unstressed, and playful enough.
    And I also have to beg to differ on The Crusdaer’s belief that women don’t WANT to excite their husbands sexually. Of course we do! We enjoy feeling desirable and we can see how happy it makes our man if we make an effort to do the things that he finds really hot. And we also enjoy the good mood it puts him in for days afterwards. It’s just that it takes a surprising amount of energy to be a tease; to dress up in the sexy underwear, flash the underwear-free crotch, do all those fun things that Frustrated Husband so wisely recommends. And you’ve also got to have the energy to take on the hot-blooded results of your efforts! Sometimes it seems an awful lot of work when you’re tired, cranky and just want to escape with your book at the end of a long day. But I can say that I’ve always been glad when I’ve gone the extra mile, as my husband’s good mood makes the whole family happier.

  10. I remember one thing my mother told me.

    “With one of these I can get one of those. With one of those you have to work to get one of these.”

    Think of where she was pointing to and telling this to a 16 year old. It’s turned out to be true.

  11. Unfortunately, the fallacy here is that wives WANT to excite their husbands sexually. The simple fact is that, in marriage, women own sex. This means they will distribute it as a sort of welfare, which a man is expected to accept with any frequency and at any level of intensity that happens to suit her. It also means that she arrogates to herself the freedom to demand that sex be offered to her with an incredible amount of build-up. Funny thing is, when the husbands of these sexual slum lords end up having an affair with someone who actually seems to value them sexually, or when they get mired in pornography, the ice-queen feels both shocked and righteously indignant.

  12. I think all men including women want to be loved, touched, and have the kind of intimacy that seems to only exists in movies or romance novels. We all live in a world where varying needs, wants, and expectations become the very thing that create the walls that we all try to understand and overcome. To even outline what makes one tick takes all the fun out of relationship. I think life with a person one chooses is best lived with the sheer excitement of discovery. The freedom of expression is best served without the expectation of response.

  13. I just came across your blog; you posted a comment on mine. I love your blog. So open an candid. I can’t wait to keep reading.

  14. I’ve noticed that most women think the wrong things about us guys. That all we want is just the raw sex. I’m trying to be as honest as honest gets. Most guys do want to feel loved and wanted just like the women do.

  15. “Touch us on the arm or leg, make us feel wanted”

    It’s amazing how everyone really just wants the same damn thing. We all want to be wanted, we know that, yet we seem to forget that everyone else wants the same thing.

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